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Feel the cold of my hands

Thats the price for moving on

✜ Reunion's

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Step aside, let their hearts decide
The final kiss goodnight, my love
Tears will fall, years will go they say
The final kiss goodbye, my love

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riku_replica: "Daj is made of more love and win than a thousand bunnies covered in glitter. Daj is fond of wonderful things such as Kingdom Hearts, Loveless, and Honey Bunches of Oats. She also owns Ren's left boob. Or Autumn's, but whatever. She's a lovely artist and writer and has RP muses that are so great you'll weep without their love."

michrure: "souba comes with it’s very own creaming system which will cream the pants on anyone at a touch of a button. It also comes with an enhanced caps function that allows for constant capital letters in any conversation which leads all and every chat directly to fascination and properly described enthusiasm. A souba now has an integrated awesome interface that is guaranteed for a lifetime. Not only does it come with aluminium alloy writing skills, it also comes with the ability to bring any sort of spice to any writing, wither it be with Demyx and Xemnas and sliding across the floor with socks, or simply Kadaj being more crazy and awesome than merited in canon. And for a limited time offer, you an get your very own souba if you order now at a low price of 999 US dollars! All processed go to michrure and her buying a new car fight against the AIDS bomb. Order today!"

jessmacphisto: "Daj is the sexiest thing on the West Coast."

kaiamara: "A confused, tempermental, loving girl. ♥"

shinistrife: "Is the greatest Nii-san anyone could ask for and protective to boot!"

piogge: "There are many things I could say about Daj, all of them wonderful, but I don't think any word of this world can even begin to describe how amazing she is. She's strong, loyal and the best friend any person could ever ask for. Daj is funny and incredibly wonderful to talk too.

In essence, if I could give her a word, it would definitely be: 'supertastically amazing'.

Well...that's actually two. :/ EITHER WAY. DAJ IS AWESOME."

obeytheempress: "has a cool fucking name tbh I'm jealous"

commaqueen: "Is the greatest girl ever, whom I never have to worry about grossing out or offending which is such a wonderful, rare quality in a girl friend that it ought to be treasured and protected. Also? Plays the best Repliku ever, hands down. And since I'm willing to kill any competition who might get in the way of my unwavering belief, I suggest that naysayers keep quiet ♥"

vale_chan: "Anata wa atashi no imoto chan <3"

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