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Feel the cold of my hands [entries|friends|calendar]
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0000 • meant to be [Jan 3rd, 2016 • 3:31pm]

I'll only friend you if I know you, sorry. Besides; I'm a mean, rude, blunt, honest, loyal, jealous, possessive, sarcastic, hateful, bitchy, selfish, really depressed individual that gives out a lot of tmi. Who would want to befriend that?

You're not missing out on anything, so don't worry.

gift [Jul 1st, 2007 • 4:19pm]
[ mood | thankful ]


THANKS A LOT sharpies


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honestly now [Jun 29th, 2007 • 2:30pm]
I'm making this post for you to tell me anything you have always wanted to say to me. Anonymous comments are allowed. Tell me anything good, anything bad. Tell me a secret, tell me something you've thought about me, tell me something you've heard about me, tell me something that you've always wanted to say but couldn't. Anything.

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